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Chris Baur began his musical life as a teenager in smalltown Colorado in the mid 90's. Armed with 2 years of piano lessons, basic chords he taught himself on guitar, and a passion for using his voice, he fell in love with songwriting, performing live, and the realization of how music can connect people with inspiration and strong values. It was the understanding that original music served to help many folks through tough times and make the good times better that really inspired Chris on a profound level. He knew from age 14 that he would always be a musician, both as a writer and a live performer.
After a few years of playing at many types of live events, Chris got the opportunity in his senior year of high school to open for a well established national touring band. He quickly put together a group of musicians to perform his self written songs with him, and in a week's notice was playing a set of purely original songs for 700 people at a club in Western Colorado.
The next year found Chris moving back to South Carolina where he is originally from, to attend college at Charleston Southern University. It was there that he spent a year writing and recording his first full length LP, titled In Working Order, and during his 4 years there he formed 2 bands and played extensively around the Charleston area.


When Chris graduated college, he knew that he was a musician at heart, and whatever he did in his life, playing original music would always be a part of it. He met a few new friends and formed a new band called Campfield- a group of guys that all loved writing and performing live, and with them he would collaborate for many years to come. By 2022, Chris had released many solo albums, 3 albums with Campfield, and has performed at all types of venues and events. He continues to play shows that are a mix of his original songs that span 25 years plus covers from the 50's til today. Come see his live show that is never the same twice, as he continues to write, refresh, evolve, and renew the passion for music that started in his bedroom in the mid 90's as a teenager in smalltown Colorado!

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