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My Songs.

Chris Baur released a full length studio album in August 2014, comprised of mostly songs that he had written during his year of living in Chile. "I think Treasures that I Own may be the most enduring song from that period for me. It was written during a time in my life when i could really slow down and through that, i realized that the most important and valuable things in my life are things that i never paid for, like running, singing and playing music, being with my wife. It put alot of things in perspective for me, to think about life that way." Chris ended up recording that song at Awendaw Green studios with a few guest musicians- his cousin and veteran guitar player Michael Baur coming in to layer some thick, delay and reverb laiden electric guitar tracks into the mix to fill out the sound, and violin licks to into each verse by his fellow Charleston based musician friend Mike Williams.

In 2018, Chris released his landmark album "New Tune from the Music Room" - which features Chris recording every song and every instrument himself, including actual drums on the whole album (no digital drums). All songs are self written, and the only help he had with the album is the cover art (drawn by Chris' grandfather) and the photo on the back of the album (taken by Chris' wife). These songs tell stories through the lyrics, so click the lyrics button and follow along as you enjoy the tunes!

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